This page is dedicated to my family, to my wife and daughter.

New words for old friends

Recently, I searched my currently running computer. Ten years by now, I had tried my best to keep my data from computer to computer. However, it seems it's impossible to lost data and of course, in fact, I lost so much. Finally and surprisingly, I get back my pages which I thought they are lost. I cannot wait to retouch them and put them back on the web in no time. I think I will spend some time maybe to make them more or less look like web 2.0 or at least fix the broken links or, best of all, search them again.

Time passes so fast. If you have come to these pages before, it sould be more than ten year ago and you should be more than ten years older, I hope you have not been waisting any minutes and have been very sucessed with the web. In the past years, I didn't see any improvement in me. I also think that the web did not improve as much as the technologies did. When I reviewed my old pages, I thought I should speed up to do something on the web. Nevertheless, I will never forget how the web have been. For the time being, let these pages be as before, although the links are no logner still alive.

My motivation:
I set up my home page to express myself, what I think, what I have learnt and what I have done, and to learn more. "The more you learn, you know how less you knew." This is exactly what I think.
I would like to hear from you to find out what you are thinking. So your email to @gmail.com is welcome. If you have time, please visit my new guest book @facebook. jot down your comments. (Now I am finding another place to host the CGI script, so at the mean time, there is nowhere to place your comment on the web interface. Email me. Thanks.)

Introducing myself:
Chan is my family name. Most Chinese have two given names, mine are Chi Hay. I have been living and working, since I was born, in Hong Kong (it is a Chinese page, if your system does not support BIG5, try this alternative page). I am working in TVB.COM as Senior Internet Development Officer.
You may like to see some of my non-computer aided designs and computer graphics.

My interests are:

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