My Brief Resume

In 1981 I began my design job in display. I was a graphic designer between 1985 and 1988. And I handled display work again until 1992. Then I worked in a watch manufacturer till 1996. Form 1996 to the time I created this page, I worked in an ISP as Chief Web Developer.

If you want to see my works in CorelDRAW, please go to my CorelDRAW Page. And if you want to see my works in 3D Studio, please go to my 3D Studio Page.

My Works

(42.8K jpeg) My first job was to construct the development of the balloon and the installation for grand opening of Japan Fashion Ltd. (157.9K jpeg) Window display. We produced the props form scratch. The most appreciated props was the vent, it was made in paper!

(38.9K jpeg) Window display. I like the way the iceberg was cut. It wad made in foam. (93K jpeg) Painting. The original painter was a Japanese whom used airbrush. I can't remember her name. I redrew it in pencil. I like pencil because its contact with the paper is solid and the feeling and feedback too.

(58.5K jpeg) Large painting (8'x10'). For Japan Fashion Ltd. (126.9K jpeg) British Week. A project for British Week Promotion of Shun Hing Department Store.

(69.5K jpeg) The left side view of British Week. (111.8K jpeg) The right side view of British Week.

(74.5K jpeg) Huge Painting in acrylic. The largest painting I've ever made. It was for Chinese New Year. (111.3K jpeg) Advertisement in pencil, my favorite media. Some portions can be blown up.

(116.3K jpeg) Photography. Xmas sales catalog for Lucullus Food and Wines Ltd.

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