"One may say the sky is small when one looks from the bottom of a well. Actually, the sky is not small, small is what one sees." *
This is an old Chinese maxim which applies well to computer graphics; what many people have seen does not describe how computer graphics have been done around the world.
Another Chinese maxim, which follows the first one, is:
"Summer bugs can never tell ice not because there is no ice but they can never see ice."
Just like you cannot tell what SIRDS/SIS looks like if you cannot see them.
* Clip form Knowledge And Travel original in Chinese, translated in English by me.
So let us travel, not surf, computer graphics including surface modeling, ray tracing, single image stereogram, animation, virtual reality and fractal.

Surface Modeling:
You may like to see my works done by 3D Studio.
Ray Tracing:
Single Image Stereogram, SIS (Single Image Random Dot Stereogram, SIRDS):
Virtual Reality:
Virtual Reality - VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language):

* As Knowledge And Travel said, don't be a country boy, you must have some knowledge before you go.
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